The Cutest Bento

Bentos have become quite popular lately and rightly so. Not only do their recommended ratios of vegetables, fruit, protein and carbs make for a healthy and balanced meal, but they’re also very often both creative and really awesome to look at. Last Autumn, I finally managed to acquire some bento-style lunch boxes at a fair […]

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Stuffed bacon-wrapped chicken

This is one of my favourite recipes, when I need to cook something that is both delicious, quick and easily adaptable. You can switch out the stuffing with almost anything you want, and you get some really juicy chicken out of this. Enjoy! Stuffed bacon-wrapped chicken: Ingredients: 1 chicken brast without skin per person 3 […]

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Easy and Cheap Homemade Pizza

Pizza can be many things: cheesy and fat, simple or loaded, thin or deep, crispy or soft, cheap or expensive, etc., etc. Apparently it can even be a vegetable! But no matter what it will always be delicious, and it is also surprisingly easy to make yourself at home. So save some money – and […]

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Valentine’s Day-breakfast ♥

So today is Valentine’s Day, and I decided to go all-out and spoil my boyfriend with a huge themed breakfast (aside from the 3-course-dinner we will have later – post will follow). A lot of the ideas for the breakfast came from various blogs I found via Pinterest, but I also added a few touches […]

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I stumbled across the idea for this via Pinterest a few months ago. However, the recipe had a different kind of dough with quite a few ingredients in it, so I decided to use my own basic dough, which can be used for a lot of different things. Here’s the recipe. Base dough: Ingredients 3 […]

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